Submitting Expenses



1.     Download and save a copy of the  Expense Claim Form  as follows: PC_Expense.Claim_Jane.Smith_01Sep2020

2.     Fill out Expense Claim Form

Please make sure to have the following below listed: 

  • Event Name & Category (see legend attached) 
  • Description of purchase 
  • Total HST Broken out 

Please Note: 

  • Only 3 receipts are permitted per form 
  • Original Receipts will need to be mailed into the school office 

3.     Scan or Photograph clearly a copy of All Receipts and Email Expense Claim Form & All Receipts to the following for approval: 

Email Subject Line: PC Expense Claim: Jane.Smith - $00.00 

4.      Treasurer will ‘Review & Approve’ expenses within 48 hours. Office Staff will enter Expense under the ‘School Council’ Sub-Account and Print cheque to be signed by the Principal.  

5.     Once finalized, you will receive a ‘Reply to your Email’ letting you know the cheque is ready for Pick-Up on the following Monday after 3pm. 

Please view the Expense Claims Instructions for the list of Expense Claim Purpose & Description Categories (which you must refer to when completing your claim).