Parent Council Meetings

Parent Council Meetings

Join us for our next online Parent Council meeting on Tuesday, November 24th 

Further details and Zoom link to come...

Highlights of our October 20, 2020 Meeting

Thank you to all Pape families that tuned into our virtual parent council meeting on October 20 to shine a spotlight on the Ontario Line. We had close to 50 people who warmly welcomed Josh Vandezande, Senior Manager of Community Relations - Ontario Line, Metrolinx; Malcolm MacKay, Ontario Line Sponsor; Peter Tabuns, MPP and Jennifer Story, Trustee.

We understand not all the questions were answered last night. We have made note of all of the questions asked in the chat in the Zoom call and will review and share any outstanding questions with Josh and Malcolm at Metrolinx. Any responses to questions will be shared here in our newsletter. In the meantime we will share any updates that are released and will plan to invite their team back to a future meeting when there is a new development in their planning. We are welcome to any and all suggestions so if there is something that you feel would be helpful please share it at

The information included on the slides for the Metrolinx presentation can be found here. As well, you can contact Metrolinx directly with your questions via email or telephone at 416-202-5100. 

The meeting minutes from the Parent Council meeting can be found here. As well, the slide deck is available here

Meeting minutes from previous Parent Council meetings:

October 20, 2020 

September 22, 2020