Tanya Fenkell “Restorative” Watercolour (13x16 inches, framed)

Tanya Fenkell “Restorative” 

Watercolour (13x16 inches, framed)

Tanya Fenkell is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in watercolour. She and her husband, Lars, are long-time Pape parents of three sons who attended the school. Tanya has had a number of exhibitions in Ontario and her work is held in private collections in Canada and the US.

“In watercolour, my nature and landscape pieces reflect my preoccupations with solitude and beauty. I love solitary places, their moods, and how beauty is embodied in the land. As a woman who likes to paint remote places, I am drawn in by the beauty of nature’s isolation and also how it feels to be a woman alone in those solitary places.”

Thank You Tanya Fenkell for your generous donation.