Beacon360 Torch Handlamp

Beacon360 Torch Handlamp

What's in your tool box? If you don't have a Beacon360 Torch Handlamp then let me "enlighten" you! Whether you are a pro handyperson or hobbyist or somewhere in between this handlamp with four alternate light settings will illuminate your space perfectly so you can get the job done.

The Torch is the ideal handlamp for all tasks, it comes with a built-in hook for hanging at the bottom to hang on to rafters, ladders, and more, plus a built-in magnet attachment for more versatile mounting options. The Beacon360 Torch can be charged with an AC wall charger or a DC car outlet.

Thank you Lind Canada for this generous donation. 

Website IG: @lindequipment FB:@lindequipment 

Retail Value: $110

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