4 Craft/Sculpting Kits | 4Cats Arts Studio

4 Craft/Sculpting Kits | 4Cats Arts Studio

Enjoy four art kits designed by 4Cats Art Studio - each with a different sculpting kit. Keep them all for some afternoon fun or share with a few friends. Each gift bag includes one of the following four craft kit themes: 

- sculpt a yetti
- make fluffle bunnies 
- sculpt a turtle
- sculpt a whale

+ tattoos, art sticker, pin, pencil with two toppers! 

The Danforth Art Studio follows 4Cats pedagogy founded on building a world that encourages a love of art, beauty & learning, an environment of kindness & happiness, a studio where we all work together in a beautiful, professional & artistic space.
Thank you The Danforth Art Studio for this generous donation. 

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Retail Value: $72