Get Social for Pape's Online Auction!

Get Social for Pape's Online Auction!

Copy/Paste the social posts … or create your own! Prefer to share ours? Links: 

INSTAGRAM: #PapeAuction is on NOW through Friday, May 14 (11:59 pm) Hundreds of items to bid on + shipping available anywhere. Find the link in my bio. [insert image here + put this link in your bio (copy/paste)  

FACEBOOK: Our school council is holding an auction with hundreds of items to bid on and shipping available – anywhere. Support the #PapeAuction NOW through Friday May, 14 (11:59 pm) at [insert Facebook image here]

TWITTER: The #PapeAuction is on NOW through 11:59 pm Friday, May 14 at More than a hundred items to bid on – something for everyone. Go check it out and BID! #supportlocal [insert Twitter image here]

Thank you for helping us create some buzz for the school auction! Auction-related inquiries can go to