If you are on a Parent Council Committee, or you are a volunteer who will make a purchase on behalf of the Parent Council with your own money, this is the process for getting reimbursed:

  • Bring your receipt into the Pape School office and accurately fill out an Expense Claim Form. Forms can be found in a green folder in the PC Treasurer’s mailbox. Alternatively, you can request a digital copy from the Parent Council (papeavepc@gmail.com) to print out at home.
  • Once you have filled out the Expense Claim Form, staple your receipt behind the form and place it in the clear plastic folder labelled “Expense Forms” also found in the PC Treasurer’s mailbox.
  • PLEASE NOTE: do NOT forward digital receipts/invoices to the Treasurers. The TDSB requires that actual paper documents come to us through the office.
  • Cheques are written ONLY once a week, every Monday by Treasury.
  • You will find your cheque in the PC Treasurer’s mailbox in a secondary plastic folder marked “cheques to/from parent council” once it has been authorized and signed.


To keep the process streamlined we generally do not write cheques directly to suppliers (in lieu of your paying with your own money). In the event of a large sum that you are unable to cover, please contact the Parent Council Treasurer with a minimum of 3 business days’ notice in advance of payment being due so that we can make arrangements for the expense.

One last cheque run will be done on the last day of school. NO further expenses will be reimbursed after the last day of school, or into the new school year in September, due to TDSB reporting policies.


Sasha Mazzuca sasha.mazzuca@me.com

David Wong davidwong183.dw@gmail.com

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