The raffle has been a very successful fundraiser for Pape’s parent council.  The operational costs are minimal, and the proceeds are limited only by the number of tickets sold.   The raffle draw occurs during the annual HOOT & HOWL which is held in October on the Saturday before Halloween.

Great prizes sell more tickets.  The raffle committee sources donated prizes from our Pape parents as well as local businesses.  This process can start as soon as the previous year’s raffle has ended.  Traditionally we have had 5 prizes on the ticket.  The prizes range in value from $100 to over $500.  There is an opportunity for very targeted marketing for local businesses.  Raffle donors are credited on the back of every ticket.  With thousands of tickets sold, the raffle offers great advertising value.
Manpower: Considering the tight timeline, the more people on the hunt for fantastic prizes the better. 1-2 coordinators.
Timeline: All prizes confirmed no later than 5 weeks before draw (mid.  September).  *This can be less than 2 weeks after school begins.

This is the lion-share of the raffle’s costs.  As of yet we have not been able to find a company to donate this service, or to donate the funds to cover these costs.
Manpower: 1 person to design ticket, flyer and to liaise with printer.
Dependant on printing company but allowing 2 weeks for printing and shipping – 5 weeks before draw (~mid. to end of September).

Custom web-based tracking software was designed and donated by flux inc.  The software makes it simple to audit the entire process from initial distribution of tickets to locating missing tickets to determining top-selling individuals and classes.
Manpower: Envelope stuffing – 8-10 people.
Daily counting – 4-6 people every day for 3 weeks.
Timeline:  Initial ticket distribution – Friday, 3 weeks before draw.
Collection of stubs and money and distribution of additional tickets – 3-1 week before draw.
Collection of all monies, stubs and unsold tickets – 1 week before until day of draw.

To keep the raffle fun and to reward the kids for their efforts, class pizza parties as well as individual prizes are awarded.   6 classroom pizza parties are won every year.  (Scheduling of party is at the teacher’s discretion)  One party is won by the top-selling class in each of the three divisions, K, primary and juniors, during each week of ticket sales.   Individual prizes are awarded to the top 10 fundraising students in the school.
Manpower: 1-2 people.
 Individual prizes sourced  1 week before draw.

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