Thurs Oct 11th Minutes

October 11 minutes

Link: October 11 minutes

  1. Presentation- K. Johannssen (gr1) F. Raptis (sp ed)

Introduction to Reading

How can we help


-more than sounding out – context and meaning are crucial to understanding language

-highlight beginning and ending of words

Positive Growth Mindset – more apt to keep trying when they have positive outlook, remember how far they’ve come.


– CAFE board – Ms Johannssen brought her cafe board to show




Expand vocabulary


DRA- Diagnostic Reading Assessment

Used in primary grades

Comprehension of text is goal – not just decoding word but understand what they’re reading

Reading level goal – 75% fluent, important for child to learn to use context to figure out unknown word.

Higher DRA score = stronger reading skills


Looked at samples of different levelled books – as level increases less support, less pictures relating directly to text,


Reading strategies:

Use picture cues – what’s in picture

Get your mouth ready – identify beginning sound

Chunk letter sounds – break into chunks child already knows

Read on, go back – Skip tricky word, read to end, go back and try it again


What can parents do at home?

Have child read aloud every night – 20 minutes is great

Read to your child

Learn sight words -Dolch words (most frequently used in English), Flash Fluency

Discuss what’s being read- who? what? why? of text they’re reading


How do teachers identify struggles?

Keeping a running record – is child getting context, relying on pictures, confusing similar words, etc.

Teachers communicate progress with each other and Ms. Jordan as child moves to higher grades.


  1. Expense updates: David, Danielle


Meditation room – approved last year but teacher who requested and spearheading no longer at Pape. So now have $875 unused. How to use this:


2 votes called:

Purchase Microsoft Office software for Council – $110/yr subscription

Can share among 5 users

Vote passes to reallocate.


Visiting artists in classroom. Move to running costs to allow flexibility for classrooms throughout year.

Vote passes to move to running costs.


Next meeting- propose ideas to use remainder of unused meditation room money.


  1. Hoot and Howl – Melissa, Erin, Laura

Still need lots of volunteers for all manner of jobs

Looking for next year – BBQ lead, Haunted House builders

Midway prizes – please donate loot bag stuff

Book sale – drop off book donations in office

Bake sale – still need bakers for sale. Also need undecorated cupcakes for cupcake decorating. Everything has to be nut-free.


  1. Raffle – Susannah

Well under way. Tickets back by Mon October 22

Volunteers needed to count tickets 9-10am all mornings


  1. Silent Auction – Rebecca

Volunteers needed.

1 more solicitor needed asking for donations Queen st, Booth to Leslie.

Someone needed to coordinate food at event – set up hors deourves on tables, refresh food tables.


  1. Snack Program – Ms. Jordan

Need volunteers to coordinate and run snack program. Being at school early in morning to count out snack portions for each class, ready for students by 8:45am. Collect snack bins to have clean and ready for use next day.

If can’t find help then will have to end snack program.


  1. Eco Team – Kevin

Live Green TO interested in coming to Hoot and Howl – environmental programs run by City of Toronto

Eco team has email address –

Teachers and students will be asked to join eco team later in year.


  1. Class reps – 1 parent per class to facilitate communication through parents and teacher.

Help teachers communicate volunteer needs, class events, etc.

Ms. Jordan has sent email to teachers to gauge interest.


  1. Lost and Found –

How can we get the stuff out?

Parent volunteer comes in once a week?

Grade 5/6 lost and found club?

Kevin volunteered to go through stuff and try to get stuff back to their owners.


News from Panther parents!