2016 – September 28

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Meet the Principal – Karen Jordan

Karen introduced herself to the group and provided some insight on key happenings in the school:

• outlined the universal screening that has been implemented across the board with students in grade 3. The test determines students’ non verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. The results will provide a profile of the students for their teachers. It is a diagnostic tool that will give insight into how each child learns, as well as alerts to children who may be at risk and those ma be gifted. It is not mandatory to participate in the test. For those that do participate, their individual results will be shared with the parents.

• addressed plans for keeping art incorporated in our classrooms. Each grade will be inviting an artist to their class. Plans for this initiative are in the works.

• shared some information about Dr. John Malloy the new Director of Education for the Toronto District School Board. He will soon be providing a video presentation for parents that will address fundamental initiatives – equity, student achievement and well being.

• informed the group that the floors in the school will be addressed. Mario is working closely on all current and future renovation needs of the school.

• hopeful that there will be an end of year performance and details will follow.

3. Hoot and Howl Raffle News – Parent Council Prizes have been secured. Volunteers will be needed to stuff envelopes with raffle tickets in time for the Thanksgiving weekend. All were reminded of safety considerations when selling tickets. Prizes will be provided for top selling students and classrooms.

4. Hoot and Howl News and update –  The new chairs – Elizabeth and Brenda were introduced. The event will be on Saturday October 29, 2016. There will be several new options such as Zorbs and a costume parade. Parents were encouraged to spread the word to volunteer and sign up at papeave.ca. There will be a number of tasks that require volunteers and grandparents will fit the roles nicely as well. Parent volunteers will be needed for set up the Friday afternoon before and morning of; the ticketed stations, two shifts: the morning and afternoon; clean up and tear down. The bake sale will need volunteer bakers for sweet, savoury and cake items used for the cake walk. Donations of toys will be appreciated as these items will be used as prizes and/or for the toy raffle. Sponsorship is a big aspect of the event and sponsors will get various forms of advertising depending on their level of sponsorship.

5. Silent Auction News and update – Jennifer and Alex Silent auction is a night time event for parents. The event doubled the amount raised in past years. The band is booked, beer is secured and they are hoping for contacts for wine. Volunteers will be needed for a food committee that provides both sweet and savoury options. Also, help will be needed to decorate, set up, tear down and even drivers for day of tasks. Parent challenge was presented which will encourage parents to reach out and obtain items that can be auctioned, i.e, electronics, spa weekend etc. Solicitors are needed to get out in the neighbourhood and get donations. The neighbourhood has been divided into sections. The group was walked through the solicitation package. Solicitation needs to begin very soon as we are competing with neighbouring schools.

  1. Other Business The group was encouraged to think about co-chairing up coming events with the current chairs to learn and possibly take over roles in the future. Also, the group discussed the value that the younger students parents can offer. We should be reaching out to them to keep them informed and engaged with Parent Council activities.

7. Next Meeting: Thursday October 13, 2016 6:30 – 7:30 in the library. Babysitting and translations available. All are welcome!

News from Panther parents!