2014 – September 25

September 25, 2014, Pape Parent Council Minutes
  1. Parent Council meetings 2014-15
  2. Kindergarten teachers’ presentation
  3. Pape general info (Mary Patrick)
  4. Parent Council overview
  5. Hoot&Howl
  6. Contact and Pape websites
1.    Parent Council meetings 2014-15
  • October 16, 2014
  • November 20, 2014
  • January 22, 2015
  • February 19, 2015
  • April 23, 2015
  • May 21, 2015
  • Pape is a Tribes-based school, emphasis on positive character traits. Focuses on how we view children, vs. how we’re planning. Key aspect is self-regulation to help kids be successful in every aspect of their lives, helps them to be independent learners.
  • Empathy: what are children capable of? How can we help them take action, build community; e.g. learning to notice their own heart rates etc., to gain a greater understanding of their own feelings
  • Teachers staying abreast of literature – The Whole Brained Child, Stuart Shankar, etc.
  • The kindergarten teachers gave several case studies of witnessing/ documenting Sr. Kindergarten children reaching out and drawing in other kids who were anxious, afraid, having difficulty; clear evidence that the Kdgn empathy programming is working
  • Kdgn kids also get “Big Buddies” – Gr 5/6s from the school – who model empathic behaviour; teachers have discussions after with the K kids about how the kids feel with their Big Buddies present
  • All staff now working their way through MindUp program, a program about self-regulation, who you are as an individual and making the best choices you can. Approach is very scientific, so kids might come home talking about brain
  • Some staff using singing bowls (Yoga brass bowls) to help cuing, helping brain relax so kids can focus
2.    Kindergarten teachers’ presentation – Lana O’Reilly, Debbie Halls, Janet Myers, Anna Psarologos, JK/SK Teachers, and Jennifer Clark, ECE
3.    General Pape info – Mary Patrick, Principal

3a. Overview


3b. Anti-spam

  • About 200 parents ok’d online, but others still outstanding. This is a problem because most of our material has some dollar amount involved
4.    Parent Council – Vanessa Dennis & Brenda Torrance, co-chairs

4a. General

  • Want parents to step up for committees; need people with dedicated skills; we know a lot of people have long work days, so we’re trying to find ways for parents to help out on their own time
    • Technology – Wojtek Grabski has put together a website for the Parent Council/School http://papeave.ca; we also have a Twitter account @PapePanthers
    • Grants – need people to write applications
    • Need people to think of ways to improve our yard, get people together in groups of volunteers to implement; sometimes we have lots of ideas, but hard to get enough people together
    • Grade 6 graduation – grade 5 parents run it for grade 6 parents/kids, but anyone is welcome to help
    • We have different events: Dance-a-thon, International Feast – massive potluck with approx.. 500 people; JK/SK play day, plus Gr 1-6 play day
    • Audio-Visual: have had parents in theatre & filmmaking in the past & they were able to manage systems and set us up, however their kids have graduated so we need others. Need help with the play, assemblies, orchestra – it would be great to have someone to call upon, who could come in person or give us help by phone
    • Hoot&Howl: biggest fundraiser of the year – silent auction, raffle and fun fair, games, etc.; event is parent-driven, so we’re always looking for volunteers
    • New website – parents can sign up to volunteer for events; can add links – will help families stay organized http://papeave.ca


4b.            How are funds used?

  • Last year, school trips and busses
  • Graduation
  • Scientist in the Schools
  • Books for different reading programs
  • International Feast
  • Pape Pride Day
  • Bouncy castles
  • Chess for junior classes (integrated into math system)
  • Theatrical performances
  • New basketball hoop
  • New Smart Board for a classroom
  • Co-operative water-learning structure for Pape Play Days
  • Musical tables for Ms. Garcia, music/drama teacher
  • iPad Minis for new assessment programs
5.    Hoot&Howl
** Please visit http://papeave.ca to volunteer/learn about the Hoot&Howl. **

5a. Vanessa – general H&H info

  • Hoot&Howl is main fundraiser – usually very successful; where we get the money to pay for the extras.
  • Would like to see an increase in parent volunteers; have had a great turnout but need more


5b. Nellaine Matthews – draw tickets

  • iPad Air, family ski pass, family membership to the ROM, family day pass to Ripley’s – every child will be sent home with 20 tickets
  • Will need a couple of volunteers to help stuff envelopes end of next week [week ending Oct 3], two or three volunteers every day after that.
  • Need more donations of kids prizes to use as incentives to sell – all ages, both genders
  • Top-selling classes get pizza parties; top five individual sellers will get t-shirts, and top 10-15 individual sellers get prizes
  • Raised $10,000 last year just from tickets


5c. Jennifer Carson – silent auction coordinator

  • Parent challenge – think outside the box – bigger ticket items like memberships, concert tickets, etc. bring in the money
  • Will be needing more volunteers to help with collecting donations, picking things up (need cars), organizing donations and gift wrapping
  • Day of, will need people to help set up the gym, help sell the items, runners, cashiers
  • Looking into possibility of Visa/Mastercard, eBay-like “Buy it Now” option
  • Consideration of maybe moving silent auction elsewhere for future years


5d. Kathy Lee Morren – bake sale

  • Please visit http://papeave.ca to sign up to donate and volunteer
  • Need nut-free baking donated; Sweet good, savoury good, too – cookies, creative cakes for cake walk, etc.
  • Kathy will manage presentation aspects – cello bags, ribbons, etc.
  • Kathy can put this list up on website and people can sign up for what they’ll bring
6. Contacts and websites


Parent Council site (parent-run): http://papeave.ca

TDSB Pape School website: http://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/papeavenue/

Pape Teachers’ classroom websites:



Pape School contacts

Mary Patrick, Principal

Rose Marie Hall, Office Administrator


Parent Council contacts

Vanessa Dennis, Parent Council Co-Chair

Brenda Torrance, Parent Council Co-Chair

Heather Finley, Parent Council Secretary/Communications

DJ Carson and Karen Hunter, Co-Treasurers


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