Sept 26 Minutes

Parent Council meeting

Sept. 26/19


  1. Welcome (Tanya and Julia)
  2. Kindergarten Teachers’ presentation
  3. Fundraising 
  4. Eco Team (Kevin)
  1. The Kindergarten curriculum is built around 4 frames: 1. Belonging and contributing 2. Self-regulation and well-being 3. Demonstrating literacy and math behaviours 4. Problem solving and innovating. 

Kindergarten focuses on learning social skills, becoming independent problem solvers, and following routines, all developed through play-based learning and open-ended activities. Inquiry is encouraged, e.g., forming hypotheses, questioning, reflecting, adapting theories to new information. Intentional centres are placed around the classrooms to provoke learning. Children are introduced to reading and writing by learning their names first. Collaboration is encouraged. Children are encouraged to be calm and self-regulate their behaviours through strategies such as calming exercises. The first Welcome Wednesday will be Nov. 26th

  1. Fundraising

Pape has traditionally held three annual fundraisers: The Hoot ‘n’ Howl, the Raffle, and The Silent Auction. 

  • Hoot ‘n’ Howl (Melissa and Erin) 

The Hoot ‘n’ Howl is a community even that is held the last Saturday preceding Hallowe’en (this year, Oct. 26). This year’s theme is “Carnival”, and will include a Midway, Bake Sale, Penny Sale, Book Sale, Fortune Teller, Alien Body Parts and more. Due to inclement weather in preceding years, most events will be located indoors this year. 

Needed: volunteers to set-up (starting the day before the Hoot) and run the event; gently-used books; loot bag/re-gifts/unused items. A box will be located in the Main Office for donations. 

If you can’t volunteer at the actual event, please consider donating homemade or store-bought items for the Bake Sale!   

Volunteer sign-up sheets will be emailed out soon; email Melissa or Erin if you wish to volunteer or have questions. 

  • Raffle (Danielle and Susannah)

Tickets will go home next week with children. Prizes include an iPad Pro, 1 week of summer camp at Jack of Sports, an Amazon Echo Show, 2-night-stay with breakfast in Kingston, a family movie pass. The draws will be made at the Hoot. Top-selling classrooms win a pizza lunch, and the top-selling student receives a prize. 

Volunteers need to stuff raffle envelopes on Tuesday, Oct. 1, at Danielle’s house. Wine will be provided! 

Volunteers are also needed every morning starting Oct. 7/19, for ~1hr to collect sold ticket stubs and money. Please sign up through the link that will appear in the Parent Council’s next newsletter (to be sent on Wednesday). 

Contact Danielle or Susannah with interest/questions about the Raffle. 

  • Silent Auction (Cara and Krista)

The Silent Auction is a licensed, adults-only event that will be held on Friday, Nov. 22, 7-10:30. There will be a live band; all parents are welcome to join. An on-line auction is also being considered. 

Please consider donations of items/experiences. Volunteers are needed to canvass local businesses. A downloadable, pre-scripted “ask” letter to provide to businesses was included in the last newsletter; it can also be requested through email. Volunteer on or by emailing

Save the date and share on social media. Contact Krista or Cara with interest/questions. 


T-shirts with the new Pape Panthers logo (thanks, Erin!) will be available for sale. Orders will be taken in October, including at the Hoot. Kids’ and adult sizes will be available. 

A parent had a question regarding spending of raised monies, and how parents can provide input even if not attending Parent Council meetings. The Council will look into informing parents of the voting ahead of time; a possible on-line survey.  

  1. Eco Team (Kevin)

The team has been involved in environment-focused projects such as the wasteless/boomerang lunch, the bike rally, marker recycling program. Kevin can help with integrating ideas into the school curricula, and implementing change in the school. Parents are encouraged to check out the Environmental Group’s bulletin board (in the hallway by the day care entrance). Email Kevin with any initiative ideas and if you’d like to help. 

Events of interest: 

  • Raffle tickets go home with kids next week
  • Photo Day Oct. 21st
  • Hoot ‘n’ Howl Oct. 26th 

Next meeting: Oct. 10th, 2019 

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