2014 – November 20

Minutes from Parent Council meeting, November 20
Thanks to Rocky Tesa for taking the minutes!

Hoot & Howl money

  • We had an amazing Hoot & Howl this year!! It was a fantastic turn out. 
  • Vanessa shared a lovely letter from Ms. Hawkins class saying how much they enjoyed the H&H 
  • We raised $32,688.44 in profit. 
  • 3 main sections of where the money was raised:

    1. Day of (tables, BBQ, bake table, etc) $7,869.24 (of that bake sale was $1647, BBQ $1129)
    2. Silent Auction: $12,639.56
    3. Raffle tickets: $12,179.64
  • Numbers up from last year by 30%
  • Profits: 2012: $24,412 / 2013: $25,175 / 2014: $32,688
  • Expenses: 2012: $1471 / 2013: $2389 / 2014: $4693
  • This year’s donations: $2500
  • Talk of a planning committee starting in June
  • Parent Council will be sending out a survey through Survey Monkey about the Silent Auction

Hoot Appreciation party – Nov. 28, 7 pm
This year’s party will be hosted by Nancy Kallina and Greg New.
Please share this with all the families of Pape. The party is a kids-free event. Please BYOB and a snack to share.
Address: 248 Withrow Avenue.

Wish list – Ms Patrick’s list after getting input from the teachers. Grand Total: $27,450

  • Running Cost: $7,600

    • school trips
    • Grade 6 Grad
    • International Feast
    • School Performance
    • Play days
    • Teachers Gift & Breakfast
    • Silver Birch Reading program
  • Classroom cost: $6,400

    • Scientist in the classroom
    • Chess
  • New Initiatives requested: $13,450

    • Speaker Series presentation
    • Basketball nets
    • Structure Kinder yard
    • AV Mics / music program
    • Technology: iPads

Parent Council voted and with some changes (lesser speaker series and Ms. Patrick looking for funds in her budget for the iPad grips) everyone voted/approved on the above. The Running Club will be making a request in the future that will need to be voted on.

Subcommittees – find people to head up each area

  • Please visit the Parent Council website for areas to sign up: http://papeave.ca/volunteering/sign-up/
  • Volunteers need in many areas; such as, Tech Support, fundraising Committee, Grant Committee
  • Join a Grant Committee to help apply for grants for a long-term plan to improve areas in the yard
Ice falling from eaves

Speaking of the yard/outside area, there was a lot of parent concern about the eaves and the dripping and freezing over the years. There is a plan to repair the roof, but not an immediate plan to repair the eaves. It was suggested that parents could write emails to the superintendent to raise their concern about the eaves and ice falling over the years.

Gingerbread houses
All 3 baking volunteer spots have been filled. Thanks to all the volunteers who have signed up!

  • proceeds will go towards the purchase of a water filtration system for a village in need
  • A plan to approach local schools to do a ginger drive to raise enough money to Build A School

    • a nice community initiative that the students would be proud to participate in.
  • Tickets are $2 each, or 3/$5. The draw will be on Dec. 19th.

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