Minutes – September 27, 2018

Parent Council meeting

Sept. 27/18


  1. Parent Council welcome, intros (Tanya, Danielle)
  2. School welcome and updates (Karen Jordan)
  3. Highlights of the kindergarten curriculum (Lana O’Reilly)
  4. Grade 3 universal screening (Karen Jordan)
  5. Raffle updates (Danielle and Tanya)
  6. Hoot and Howl updates (Erin and Laura)
  7. Other: Silent Auction update (Ania and Rebecca), Eco Team update (Kevin)
  8. Parent Council welcome, intros (Tanya, Danielle)

Members of Parent Council did introductions. All parents are encouraged to participate in meetings, volunteer time/goods/money. Resources for keeping informed include weekly email updates, website (www.papeave.ca), Facebook, Twitter, bulletin board (on the wall to the right of the library). Based on feedback from previous year’s feedback, Parent Council meetings will include more teacher presentations, as well as topics with expressed interest (i.e., kids and social media); parents are encouraged to make suggestions about topics of interest.

Examples of previous expenditures with the raised funds: running club, Scientist in the Classroom, agendas, visiting artists (teachers are invited to have one classroom experience, e.g., clay artist, sewing emoji cushions).

  1. School welcome and updates (Karen Jordan)

The school year started off smoothly. Changes include new staff. This week’s Terry Fox run was successful and Running Club has been ongoing for a few weeks. Construction update: Phase 2 is underway; by the end of October the hoarding should be down from rooms 7, 8, 17, and the staff room; by the end of November the hoarding is expected to come down from the other side of the school.

  1. Highlights of the kindergarten curriculum (Lana O’Reilly)


-Framework of the kindergarten program document (aka curriculum): –belonging and contributing – self-regulation and well-bring –demonstrating literacy and mathematics behavior –problem solving and innovation.

-Play-based learning that includes 2×40-minute periods outside

-Mostly small group or one-on-one interactions

-Inquiry-based learning that includes experimentation, experiencing, hypothesizing; seeks to provide experiences that are authentic and relevant to the children

-Classroom includes calming spaces

  1. Grade 3 universal screening (Karen Jordan)

Starting 2 years ago the TDSB started administering the CCAT-7 to all grade 3 students.  Screening will occur at Pape in the first two weeks of October. The CCAT-7 can help to identify struggling or excelling students; better understand how each child learns; aligns TDSB with other boards in identifying giftedness; also intended to improve equity of access across the board to differentiated programs.

Three areas of cognitive ability are tested: –verbal (sentence completion, verbal analogies, verbal classifications) –quantitative (number analogies, number series, number puzzles)–non-verbal (figure matrices, figure classification, paper folding). Each area is tested in 3x10minute periods. The CCAT-7 does not test the curriculum and results do not affect report cards.

Parents/teachers will be provided with a score for each cognitive area and a composite score. The school psychologist can be consulted about next steps to address learning needs. Results should be available by the beginning of December.

  1. Raffle updates (Danielle and Tanya)

Raffle tickets will go home with students Oct. 4. All tickets must be sold or returned. Last year the raffle raised $18,000. Parents encouraged to volunteer to help count daily sales (requires 1 hour each morning); go to www.papeave.ca to sign up.

  1. Hoot and Howl updates (Erin and Laura)

The Hoot and Howl is one of the major fundraising efforts and will be on Oct. 27. About 150 volunteers are needed for a variety of roles in 2-hour shifts. Anyone interested in leading the Haunted House next year can shadow the set-up on Friday/Saturday of this year. The Hoot will also feature the Bake Sale and Cake Walk. Please also donate prizes for the Midway games and gently-used books for the Book Table.

  1. Silent Auction update (Ania and Rebecca)

The Silent Auction is an evening, licensed event for adults, and will occur Nov. 23/18. The event features food and live music and is a great way to meet other Pape parents. Volunteers are needed before the event (e.g., wrapping, writing out bid sheets) and during the event (e.g., MCs, auctioneer, bartenders, ticket sales, cashiers). Parents also encouraged to donate prizes for the event.

Eco Team update (Kevin)

The team’s goal is to achieve eco-certification at Pape. As part of the application process, Kevin will be documenting all environmental initiatives throughout the year; if you know of any initiatives in the classrooms, please let him know. Also contact him with any suggestions for new initiatives; e.g., they can relate to STEM/reduce-reuse-recycling/nature.

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