Minutes October 11, 2017


Pape Parent Council Meeting

October 11, 2017


Meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.


Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Ms. O’Reilly provides an overview of the kindergarten curriculum
    • The Ministry push is for play- and inquiry-based learning, e.g. no worksheets, no prescribed art project in which the kids are all doing the same thing at same time
    • Children are playing for most of day and outside for 80 minutes a day; the inquiry-based model emphasizes the act of discovery
    • Instruction happens organically when teachers insert themselves into play; children pick up math and literacy and picking up oral language skills, fine and gross motor skills
    • Not many toys in the classroom because they are closed ended, can only be one thing; instead provide things from nature, loose parts
    • Making sure that learning is meaningful and begins with the familiar and something the kids care about, such as the letters in their names
    • Ministry asks: Why this learning for this child at this time?
  • Ms. O’Reilly shows a video of kindergarteners having an impassioned discussion about letters and if there is such a thing as a “real” alphabet


Q and A with Ms. Jordan Postponed Due to Illness


Hoot and Howl Update

  • Elizabeth Dawn Snell provides an overview of the event, which will include a haunted house, bouncy castles, games, food, a circus theme with juggling and circus activities, animals, cake walk, bake sale, performances, and more
  • Call for volunteers, sign-up sheets are on the Parent Council website
  • We are in need of prizes for the prize tables, i.e. inexpensive prizes from loot bags and the dollar store prizes; prize donations should be brought to the office at the office
  • We also need food shelter tents to borrow


Hoot and Howl Raffle Update

  • Counting in underway, students are handing in their sold tickets every day
  • Tickets and money are due back on the 20th
  • Please bring back extra unsold tickets so they can be redistributed
  • Call for volunteers to help count tickets in the mornings


Silent Auction Update

  • Adults only evening, Friday, November 24, 7–11 p.m.
  • We are focused on soliciting donations
  • Packages have been put together for area businesses and divided by regions within the neighbourhood
  • Call for volunteers to contact these businesses to try to solicit donations
  • Website has been created by past volunteers containing the contact information for different businesses that have donated in the past
  • Using an online database to track solicitations this year, a move away from Excel
  • Call for donations of wine for the wine raffle



  • Current secretary will be having a baby in January
  • Call for a new volunteer who can attend Parent Council meetings and take the minutes
  • The next Parent Council Meeting is on November 8th


Construction Update Discussion

  • Ms. Jordan would normally be providing an update but is ill; last we heard they are hoping to finish before the weather is too cold for the mortar to set properly
  • Concerns are raised about the learning environment and possibility that the project will not be finished by the end of December; some parents feel the need to mobilize and get their voices heard
  • It is suggested that parents can email Jennifer Story with concerns
  • Danielle and Susannah will relay concerns to Ms. Jordan and ask for an update in the next Principal’s email
  • Danielle will ask daycare if they have any traction with their attempt to voice their concerns to TDSB and Jennifer Story and possibly request to be included in any future conversations
  • An email sign up sheet is circulated for those who wish to form their own group discussion about the issue
  • The Parent Council Facebook group might be a good forum for discussion; no such message board exists on the Parent Council website


Meeting adjourns at 7:40 p.m.

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