Minutes – March 21

Parent Council meeting

Mar. 21/19


  1. Welcome (Danielle and Tanya)
  2. Kids Lunch Program  (Tanya and Danielle)
  3. Silent Auction (Danielle and Tanya)
  4. Presentation by Chris Vollum: “Digital Intelligence: Kids and Social Media”
  1. The pilot of the hot lunch program catered by Rose Reisman Catering’s Kids Lunch Program will start on Wednesday, Mar. 27/19. The pilot will run on Wednesdays for 4 weeks. Parents must opt-in to the pilot and order meals on-line by noon on Friday for delivery the following Wednesday. The pilot will help to gauge interest in the program; a minimum of 40 orders is required for the program to continue.  
  2. Volunteers needed for next year’s Silent Auction! Ideally, a group of 2-4 individuals would be to devote 2 months in the fall and share duties. Anyone with questions can contact Ania Humphries (this year’s Coordinator). There will be an upcoming meeting for all interested in sitting on a Fundraising Committee.
  3. Today Chris Vollum presented to grades 4-6 on kids and social media.

-Popular platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram.

-Social media is an integral part of kids’ lives; they are unlikely to avoid it/give it up.

-When asked what they expect to get from using social media, kids responded: likes, good comments, subscribers, followers, shares. Kids may use social media for validation/acceptance from peers.

-Be aware of physical signs that social media may be causing stress/anxiety/depression in kids, e.g., posture, facial expressions.

-Instead of asking kids to forgo social media, parents should encourage better social media skills. Chris suggests 1. Mentoring 2. Involvement:

-Mentoring involves imparting experience, guidance, wisdom, modeling; encouraging kids to use social media in a way that demonstrates character, integrity, honesty, values and respect.

-Involvement means becoming familiar with how to use different social media platforms. Create one account per month and become functionally literate with the platforms/vernacular in case an issue arises with how kids use these platforms. Avoid commenting on their posts on-line as this will be seen by their peers.

-Social media can be a tool for kids to further themselves, e.g., demonstrate interests/achievements. Help kids connect their posts to their personal goals. Ask kids if their posts are helping them to achieve their goals, remind them that their posts are a reflection of their values.   Encourage kids to be themselves on-line and show their true personalities, not to boast or post for validation/attention.

-Review posts with your kids. Ask them: -is what you post unique? –what does this post make readers think about you? –does the post epitomize your values? –would you say this to your grandmother or sign your name to this? –does this post represent how I want to be regarded by others, which includes future employers, coaches, teachers?

-Challenge kids to post only if it’s a good choice, to use their best judgment, to apply the filters of “honesty, maturity, moral character” before posting.

-Remind kids that anything they post has the potential to go global; that if they apply their values and best judgment before deciding to post, the post likely won’t hurt them, even if it becomes widely shared.

Books on this topic: Irresistible (Adam Alter), Screenwise (Devorah Heitner), Digital Minimalism (Cal Newport), It’s Complicated (Danah Boyd)

To contact Chris Vollum: cmvsocialmedia@gmail.com, www.cmvsocialmedia.com, 416-722-1440

Next meeting: May 23rd

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