Minutes January 17th 2018

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2018

6:35 to 7:45pm


  1. 2017 Fundraising Summary – Susannah and Danielle (Council Co-chairs)
  • Net profit of $43,449.48
  • Raffle profit was the highest-to-date, $17, 760.91.
    • This year more tickets were made available and were sold.
  • Hoot ‘n’ Howl made $5,309.42
    • Ticket sales likely affected by attendance/weather
    • Bake sale raised $1,934.50, up from 2016-2017
    • Bouncies/zorbs had net loss of $1,776.88, likely due to poor weather
      • Indoor, smaller bouncies for younger children to be considered for next year
  • Silent auction raised $20,379.15
  • Gingerbread house raffle not included as proceeds went to charity
  • Year-to-year comparisons were presented; can help identify profitable areas for future planning. 2. Results of Expenditures Survey – Susannah and Danielle
  • 63 responses to the on-line survey
  • Top 3 ranked choices on how to spend funds were technology in the classroom (#1), school yard (#2), and gym equipment (#3).
  • Green initiatives was identified as a priority from last year.
  • A suggestion was made that parents may have voted to spend funds on speakers if specific topics had been listed
    • Trustee J. Story may be arranging speakers to visit area schools on various topics
    • Upcoming (spring) PRO (?) grant, up to $1,000 could be used for a speaker for next year.


  1. 2017/2018 Ongoing Expenses and Expenditures Discussion – Susannah and Danielle
  • Examples of expenditures from 2016-2017:
      • iPads for grade 3 classrooms
      • Welcome back BBQ
      • Yearbook
      • Grade 6 graduation ceremony
      • To support athletics, e.g., Running Club, Jungle Sport
      • Scholarships
      • Scientist in the School
      • Musicals- concessions stands
      • International Feast
      • Bussing to trips
  • Last year’s expenditures totaled ~$21,100
  • This would leave ~$22,000 from this year’s fundraising to use
  • This year’s procedure to finalize expenditures will differ from last year’s. A short list of expenditures will be created from the results of this year’s parents’ survey on expenditures, opinions of today’s meeting attendees, and teachers’ requests from the Jan. 29/18, staff meeting. The short list will be voted on by attendees at the next Parent Council meeting, Feb. 28/18.
  • Some criteria for eligible expenditures: for enhancement of the curriculum; cannot be spent on core texts but can be used for supplemental materials; not for teachers’ professional development or otherwise staff-related; not for facility improvements.
  • Sponsoring field trips was a common response from the parent survey on expenditures. Field trips are organized at the discretion of the teachers. At the upcoming staff meeting Jan. 29/18, Susannah and Danielle will gauge teacher interest in field trips.
  • The final wish list to be voted on at the Feb. 28/18, Parent Council meeting will be emailed for parents to review prior to the meeting; only meeting attendees will be able to vote.


  1. Grade 3 Universal Screening – Karen Jordan
  • The Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test, version 7 (CCAT-7) measures learning potential in 3 general areas of cognitive ability: verbal, quantitative and non-verbal.
  • It was implemented by the TDSB last year and now is taken by all grade 3 students in the fall.
  • Students are shown how to take the test with practice booklets and learning how to use bubble sheets to mark answers.
  • Each of the three areas is tested in 3 x 10-minute blocks on separate days.
  • Results (expressed as percentile rank for each area, as well as a composite percentile) are given to parents and teachers, and help identify areas of strength/weakness, to help focus new learning.
  • High scores in all three areas may trigger assessment for giftedness.
  • TDSB has resources to help parents work on specific areas at home.


  1. Update on Environmental Initiatives at Pape – Kevin Scragg
  • Current objectives:
    • Sept./18: aim to get eco-certification to facilitate projects, e.g., an outside classroom
    • Suggested priority from Ms. Jordan: work on garbage management, e.g., placement of green bins. Will involve teachers, e.g., asking teachers for ideas to integrate with classroom learning, such as environmental studies.
  • Parents can contact Kevin with project ideas
  • Attendees expressed interest in bike initiatives.
  • TDSB has safety concerns about outside partners’ interactions with students; the process to arrange community visitors is now longer.
  1. Volunteer Appreciation Party – Danielle
  • Friday, Feb. 9/18, 456 Jones Ave., hosted by Danielle and Roy
  • BYOB and a snack to share.


Next meeting:

Wednesday, February 28, 2018.


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