MINUTES – Jan.17th 2019

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2019

6:30 to 8:00pm


  1. Teacher presentation – Lynette Archer on coding and robotics
  • Coding not part of TDSB’s curriculum
  • Platforms used include Tynker, Code.org, Scratch Jr., Dash and Dot robots
  • At home parents can access coding platforms by googling “TDSB virtual library”:

-on the homepage, under “spaces” click on “K-6”-> select “Tynker” or “Code.org”

-Tynker: grade 1 students have used Candy Quest, Puppy Adventure

-Code.org: under the title “Hour of Code”, there are 1-hour tutorials such as Dance Party, Minecraft

  • Students (K to gr. 4) have worked in groups to program Dash and Dot robots to complete tasks using ipads. Older students (ages 7-11) have also used the Lego WeDo 2.0 program to build Lego machines and then program them to complete tasks.
  • For next year Ms. Archer has proposed spending $2000 of Parent Council funds to purchase 6 Dash and Dot robots + accessories, and $1500 to purchase 5 Lego WeDo 2.0 sets.
  • Meeting attendees expressed interest in attending a coding night in which to learn about the above programs/equipment.


  1. Parent Council funds – spending proposals for the year (Sasha, Danielle, Tanya)
  • Net funds raised this year: $40,205.75
  • This is ↓5% compared to last year, ↑59% compared to 5 years ago
  • Raffle:
    • Revenue ↓ 4.2% compared to previous year
    • Expenses ↑ 18.7%
    • Profit ↓5.7%
    • High return-on-investment
  • Hoot ‘n’ Howl:
    • Revenue ↓ 2.9% compared to previous year
    • Expenses ↑ 5.9%
    • Profit flat 0.3%
    • High investment/planning/manpower required, but a great community event
  • Silent auction:
    • Revenue ↓ 2.3% compared to previous year
    • Expenses ↑ 60%
    • Profit ↓5.8%
  • $25,100 approved costs for this year include student agendas, grade 6 graduation, Scientist in the Classroom, running club, busing to events
  • This leaves $15,105 for new spending. Proposed expenditures include Jungle Sports, environmental fund, teacher requests, coding and robotics purchases, recess equipment
  • The top picks for expenditures from the Parent Survey were: 1.Schoolyard equipment Gym equipment  3.Guest speakers for students
  • Attendees at February’s Parent Council meeting will vote on the new expenditures. The list will be emailed prior to the meeting. Only meeting attendees will be able to vote.
  • Attendees had suggestions for future fundraising:
    • Starting a Fundraising Committee
    • Encouraging donations to the school through TDSB’s cashonline (tax receipts are immediately available); inform parents that donations could be in lieu of time spent volunteering/baking/canvassing; donations could also be requested if raised funds fall short of a specific target
    • Educating parents about how funds are spent
    • Passing a hat at the Welcome BBQ
    • Setting student targets for selling raffle tickets
    • Adding a winter/spring fundraising event
    • Movie night/other event
    • Gala auction night with paid admission


  1. Hot lunch survey results (Melissa)
  • Parents were surveyed about interest and vendor preference for a hot lunch program. Vendors ranked: 1.Rose Reisman’s Kids Lunch Real Food for Real Kids  3.The Lunch Lady
  • Attendees’ questions/concerns included: waste from food packaging; minimum required number of students; whether servers/volunteers would be required; if parents could select from a menu; whether meals were individually packaged for students; whether kindergarteners could be included; what food allergies could be accommodated
  • Because the snack program is to start in February, the lunch program could start after March break (tentative)
  • Questions should be emailed to Melissa Syme, Danielle or Tanya ASAP.


  1. Volunteer party (Danielle and Tanya)
  • Friday, Jan. 18/19
  • BYOB and a snack to share


  1. Other items (Danielle and Tanya)
  • Parents were informed about Engineering Outreach’s Launch! Girls Saturday Program, to be held 1:00-4:00 at Dundas Junior Public School from Jan. 28-Feb.23/19, for grades 3-5.
  • All students are welcome. Dundas students are preferred.


Next meeting:

Thursday, February 21, 2019


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