Minutes – February 28th Parent Council Meeting

Pape Ave PS Parent Council Meeting
February 28, 2018
6:30 – 7:30 p.m.


1. Presentation By Pape School Family (Brian Astl, Regan – Scarlett and MacKenzie):

• Daughters fascinated with flip sequin shirts – doesn’t like it when people touch them though to play with them.
• Turn sequin fabric into artwork – hang on their wall, play with them – take them down when wanted.
• Like because you can write words, draw pictures and scribble on them.
• Bigger canvas to play with them without people touching them.
• Little entrepreneurs – turn their passion into a business.
• Working on prototypes and suppliers in China
• Figuring out logistics, colours, etc.
• 3 shapes – hexagon, heart, rectangle or triangle
• Each shape have 2 different choices of colour
• Sell approximately $35 CDN
• Goal is to become wall art kids could play with
• What can they do to make this an opportunity we can all share in?
• Portion of the proceeds go back to the school – mini fundraisers?
• Teaching children about margins, costs, investment in the die cutting, how do we pay it back.
• Potential entrepreneur club? Teaching children about economics of running a business.
• Help with putting boxes together, bring blank frames, help staple – turn it into an afterschool workshops.
• Potential promotions/obstacles:
o PC Facebook Page
o Cara – blast on social media
o If fundraiser for school – sell @ $35 and $6 or $7 back to the school
o Not sure if we can promote through the school – needs further investigation – thinks it could be possible but need to ask questions.
o Go through what the rules are for PC or school to present.

2. Parent Council Fundraising:
• Raffle Revue: $18,852.90
• Raffle Expenses: $1091.99
• Raffle Profit: $17,760.91
Hoot and Howl:
• Hoot and Howl Revenue: $10,215.90
• Hoot and Howl Expenses: $4906.48
• Hoot and Howl Profit: $5,309.42
Silent Auction:
• Silent Auction Revenue: $21,037.47
• Silent Auction Expenses: $1,123,32
• Silent Auction Money Still Owing: $465.00
• Silent Auction Profit: $20,379.15

Total Profit from All Events: $43,449.48

Running Costs for 2017/2018 Year to Year Expenditures:
• Scientist in the School: $6,000
• Start Up Costs September 2018: $3,500
• Buses for School Trips: $4,000
• Pape Play Days and Activities: $1,500
• Student Agenda’s: $1,500
• Welcome Back BBQ: $1,000
• Theatrical Performances: $1,000
• International Feast: $500
• Silver Birch Book Club: $800
• Running Club: $400
• Grade 8 Graduation: $600
• Grade 8 Year Books: $300
Total for Running Year to Year Costs: $21,100
• Questions about running club costs and International Feast Costs – discussed and explained
Motion Approved for Annual Running Costs by all attendants of the meeting

New Expenses for Vote 2017/2018:
• Visiting Artists: $3500
• Meditation Room: $875
• Field Trip to Annie Subsidy: $280
• Super Source Math Manipulatives: $450
• Kindergarten Play Equipment: $300
• Chrome Books (Junior Grades): $4275
• Ipads (Music/Art): $5,700
• Jungle Sports (split with school): $2,250
• Sleds for Recess Play: $1200
• Volleyball Pads: $677
• Environmental Fund: $500
• Field Trip to Medieval Times Subsidy: $600
Total Expenditures: $22,107
• Student Media Literacy – still under review – $1000

Discussion of New Expenditures:
• Parent Council went to staff meeting to ask for feedback on what they wanted/needed.
• Too many requests so paired down and partnered with school where they could (Jungle Sport, Artists in the School and some school buses).
• Meditation Room – Ms. Andreopolus – Created in Room 23 with cushions and run as a lunch time program.
• Survey results from parents showed they wanted more field trips for their children.
• Field trip to Annie – would subsidize $10 per student bringing cost down from $35 per child
• Field Trip to Medieval Times – would subsidize Grade 4 – 60 x $10
• Super Source Math Manipulatives: – Junior grades– cart with supplies that help teach math – base 10 blocks, tangible things kids can touch – benefits a more tactile learner.  Only one cart that would move between classrooms.
• Kindergarten Play Equipment – Pails, shovels, sleds etc. (Better than dollar store)
• Levelled Readers – more books – new, updated more current literature. School to contribute $3000 to PC proposed $1500.  Levelled readers very expensive.  Maximize what we put in schools for independent readers
• Chrome Books to give more access to Junior grades – Ms. Jordan requested. Used for to learn for research, Google Drive and fewer lost papers.  Computer Lab in library mostly used for primary grades.  Becomes a moving mobile lab.
• Ipads exclusively used for music and art – Ms. Jordan Requested.
• Sled and Volleyball pads – requested by Ms. Navratil
• Meditation Room – Ms. Andreopolus:
o Create calm, welcoming space – have a couple of days a week at lunch or recess to any student in the junior division.
o Hope to bring in other staff to keep open at lunch
o Welcome for staff to use too
o Inline with the Mind Up school programming

Media Literacy:
• not great parent support through survey.
• Jennifer Story – PRO Grant – parents have a session/kids have a session
• Need to ensure content of the workshop to make sure it was useful.
• Digital citizenship – an important lesson and understanding for the kids to have.
• Partnership website that the board is bringing – Karen will look to see.


3. Robin Hood is next week – kids are doing well and exited.
• $5.00 tickets – please get if you haven’t.
• School dress rehearsal – Tuesday afternoon

Help Needed:
• Baked Concession stand
Get kids ready before the show
• Friday for dress rehearsal and before show both evenings.
• Start organized around 6 p.m.
• Anyone who could help film the show.
• Need props: logs or stumps


4. Fix our schools: $15 Billion – Looking for representatives to sit on the board

5. Upcoming Dates:
• March break:  – 12 – 16
• Next Parent Council MTG. – March 21st
• International Feast  – April 19th.
• Withrow Silent Auction on Friday night – March 2nd


Thank you for coming.!


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