MINUTES – Feb.21 2019

Parent Council meeting

Feb. 21/19


  1. Welcome (Danielle and Tanya)
  2. Presentation: Kids Lunch Program by Rose Reisman Catering (Rose Reisman)
  3. Voting on new expenditures for 2019-2020 (Danielle and Tanya)
  4. Other business
  5. Rose Reisman Catering’s Kids Lunch Program has been operating for 4 years. Aims to offer seasonal, fresh food, avoids deep fried foods or deli meats. Parents would be able to purchase lunch for 1-5 days each week as they wish. Pre-order 48 hours or before the weekend in advance on-line from the offered menu items; cancel up to 8 a.m. the same day and your account would be credited. A nut/tree nut-free facility. Can meet dietary restrictions e.g., vegetarian, no gluten, food allergies, no dairy. Large and small sizes available.

A Rose Reisman server would be present in the school to oversee the meals; no parent/teacher volunteers needed. Open to teachers’ orders as well. Minimum order of ~40 lunches daily (teachers/students combined). Kids in grades 1-6 would pick up their meals from the server; meals for JK/SK kids would be dropped off in their classrooms.

Meals samples were provided, e.g., salmon/quinoa bowl, butter chicken tofu on rice, vegetarian lasagna, sweet ‘n’ sour meatballs on ‘fried’ rice, snack-style box (grapes, sliced cheese, crackers, hardboiled egg), baked chicken nuggets on veg/mashed potato. Their menu has included plain pasta with butter and parmesan, spaghetti and meatballs, potstickers.

Aims to minimize waste (can provide compostable cutlery/bowls, recyclable foil trays). Scoop-and-serve currently in two larger schools; kids would have to provide their own containers/cutlery and eat the same food.

Flyers to go home with kids. A trial day will be held on a Wednesday (order the meal by Friday).

  1. Voting on new expenditures for 2019-2020 (Danielle and Tanya)

Fundraising netted a total of $40,205.

$20,600 will go towards approved (annual) costs, e.g., Running Club, Grade 6 graduation/yearbook, Scientist in the School. (For a full list please contact the Parent Council Co-Chairs.)

Attendees were asked to vote on spending the remaining $20,097.79 on a list of proposed new expenditures, including outdoor gym equipment, Jungle Sports, levelled readers. (For a full list please contact the Parent Council Co-Chairs.) The list was generated from requests from teachers/Principal, and included items to balance out resources between the classrooms. The new expenditures had a heavier emphasis on older children, as last year expenditures were focused on younger children.

Attendees voted unanimously to accept the proposed list of new expenditures.

  1. Other business:

-A separate meeting will be held for all parents interested in re-examining fundraising efforts at Pape. Contact Tanya or Danielle if interested.

-Attendees had the option of signing a petition protesting the Ontario government’s proposed cuts to education, which include increased class sizes, cuts to special education funding, changes/dismantling of full-day kindergarten

Next meeting: Thursday, March 21, 2019. There will be a speaker on social media. Parents may be asked to RSVP in order to ensure adequate seating.

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