2015 – May 21

Minutes of Pape School Parent Council, May 21, 2015

  • 2015-16 School Organization
  • Pape Play day
  • Silent Auction Survey discussion
  • Traffic Calming/sick kids analysis
  • Parent program initiatives
  • PC Year in review
  • PC year end party

2015-16 School Organization

  • Full Day JK/SK = 4 classes

Primary Classes (Grade 1 to 3) = 8

  • Grade 1 = 2
  • Grade 1/2 = 1
  • Grade 2 = 2
  • Grade 2/3 = 1
  • Grade 3 = 2

Junior Classes (Grade 4 to 6) = 4

  • Grade 4 = 1
  • Grade 4/5 = 1
  • Grade 5/6 = 2

Pape Play day

  • JK/SK: June 10, 9 a.m.
  • Grades 1 to 6: June 12, 9 a.m.

We will need parent volunteers. There will be a sign up list on-line; Pape Ave Parent Council website.

Silent Auction Survey discussion

Thank you to the Silent Auction team for attending other schools events in order to collect extensive research if Pape’s Silent Auction should separate from the Hoot & Howl or not.

How can we make it better? This year Pape raised around $13,000. Total value of donations was around $25,000.

The team attended three schools, Morse, Franklin, Withrow. All of these schools had an adult’s only, evening event. There was music, food, alcohol sales. The schools were nicely decorated with fairy lights, lines, to create a nice mood/atmosphere. Bid sheets were well placed and there was plenty of space to move around freely.

Some highlights from these schools:

Morse Franklin Withrow
Raised $30,000 $33,000 $27,000
incl alcohol sales incl alcohol sales incl alcohol sales
Total Value donated $35,000
plus alcohol donated plus alcohol donated
Live music  music  music
Live Auctioners Live Auctioners Live Auctioners
Free food Free food Free food
Student Artwork Student Artwork Student Artwork
50 / 50 Each class bought for/designed themed basket
Easy cash out Easy cash out Easy cash out


Results of the survey are in and the silent auction committee will be compiling the results.

Thank you to all who participated. Possible follow up survey once these results have been tabulated.

Traffic Calming

A meeting was held with the community and Paula Fletcher, on May 13th regarding a directional change. The proposed ideas were unable to move forward in the Riverdale community. The Riverdale Community traffic group will be meeting again in the near future to review other options and solutions.

For more information please visit:  www.myriverdale.ca

Parent program initiatives

Many parents have great ideas to improve the learning at Pape. PC is working on a questioner which will be available on the website.

PC Year in review

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who contributed throughout the school year. We could not pull off so many great events for our kids and the Pape community without you. Parent involvement is a critical element in providing a safe, educational and enjoyable environment for our children.

Plans for Next Year:

  • Increase parental involvement next year
  • list the volunteer positions available on the website with details and time frames involved for each position

Way to Contribute:

  • Hoot & Howl on the day
  • Welcome Back BBQ in September
  • International Feast
  • Play Days
  • Dance-a-thon
  • Making gingerbread house

Where Did the Money Go?:

Common Annual Expenses covered by Parent Council

  • Welcome Back BBQ                           $1000
  • School Trips/Buses                             $3200
  • Grade 6 Graduation                            $  500
  • Scientist in the School                        $4400
  • Books/Blue Spruce/Silver Birch          $  800
  • International Feast                              $  600
  • Pape Play Days                                  $1000
  • Chess for Junior Classes                    $  700
  • Theatrical Performances                     $1045
  • Yearbooks                                           $  300
  • Gifts –teachers parting etc.                 $  300

Approved New Initiatives

  • New Basketball Hoops (small ones)   $  415
  • Log structure for K playground           $6400
  • 15 new iPads for junior wing              $4500
  • Running Club supplies                       $  500
  • 2 x Cordless mics                               $  971
  • Laptops for HSP program                   $2000

PC Year End Party: Please join us!

Host – Nadine Grant

  • Where: 40 Frizzell Avenue
  • When: June 25th @ 6pm
  • Bring: Drinks and a dish

This party is to show appreciation to all parents that contributed in one way or another to Pape Ave PS. Babysitting will be provided.

Pape PC Positions to be filled: list with details of the role will be posted to the Pape PC website

  • Specific Roles to be filled: Co-Chairs and Secretary

 Hoot & Howl Planning Committee Meeting:

  • June 11th, 6:30 – 7:30, location to be confirmed

Thank you everyone for coming!!

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