March 21st Minutes

Pape Ave. PS Parent Council Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2018

6:30 – 7:30


  1. Home Alone Course – Danielle Bader
  • Need minimum of 10 kids with parents
  • For ages 10 – 12
  • 8 families have already expressed interest



  • Is there a legal age of requirement for kids to stay home alone
  • No, according to Karen Jordan and others it is based on child’s own responsibility level
  • Asked for PC to inquire if course could be opened to 9 year olds.


  1. Parent Council Vacancy Positions – 2018/2019
  • Susannah Davis stepping down after 2 years
  • Co-chair: Danielle Bader – 2nd co-chair required
  • Treasurer – Sasha Mazzua – 2nd treasurer wanted
  • Hoot Raffle Co-Chairs: Lisa Srisuro and Susannah Davis
  • Hoot and Howl Co-Chair: Melissa Syme – 2nd co-chair needed
  • Hoot and Howl Volunteer Co-Chair: Laura Reynols – 2nd co-chair wanted
  • Silent Auction Co-Chair: Ania Humphries – 2nd co-chair needed
  • Silent Auction Decorating Coordinator: Tonia Babstock
  • Secretary: Emma Chang
  • Graphic Design: Andrew Metcalfe and Erin Williams
  • Environmental Lead: Kevin Scragg



  • How much time commitment is required for these positions?
  • Biggest time commitment comes in the days leading up to the large events
  • Possible to do if you work full time as there are many things that can be done off hours
  • If you have flexibility in your work day hours that is ideal but not necessary past co-chairs have worked full time without flexibility.


  1. School Organization:

Kindergarten Guidelines

  • Cap of 29 students per class
  • 10% exemptions across board to 32
  • System average of 26

Projected Enrolment:

  • JK=52, SK=48
  • Teacher Allocation: 4
  • ECE Allocation: 3
  • 4 Kindergarten classes: 2 x 28 students, 1 x 29 students with one teacher and ECE as well as one class of 15 students with 1 teacher and no ECE

Grades 1 to 6:



  • Grades 1 – 3: Hard can of 23 students
  • 10% exemptions across the board
  • Grade ¾ split is a cap of 23 and must be created if said by the board
  • Grade 4 to 6 are a system average of 23.24
  • Must use allocation in the track which it is provided.
  • Minimum of 4 students form a grade in a split class

Projected Enrollment:

  • Grade 1 = 66 students
  • Grade 2 = 54 students
  • Grade 3 = 56 students
  • Grade 4 = 42 students
  • Grade 5 = 38 students
  • Grade 6 = 42 students

Teacher allocation:

  • Grade 1 -3: 8 teachers (this is up one from last year)
  • Grade 3/4 : 1 (Grade 3=16 students; grade4=7 students)
  • Grade 4 – 6: 4 teachers



  • Concerns over understaffing when allocation of teachers is taken into account and prep time needed for each teacher. Could hit the support for at risk students and make it harder on teachers.
  • Miss Raptis – 2 years behind in English/Math – 9 or 10 students see her for both.
  • Miss Archer – supporting reading and writing for primary grades
  • Miss Flanders – ½ of her job is about student safety – ½ job is to support students.
  • Good news:
  • Support staff – adding an extra ½ day person for support and ½ day person for Rose-Marie
  • Meeting with staff on Friday and will work towards
  1. Issue #1: Lunch Room Over Crowding
  • Suggested Solution: Split to 2 lunch shifts. Grade 1 to 3 students eat as normal and then go out to play. Grades 4 to 6 go outside first and then come back in to eat.


  • This schedule is in sync with the current Pape Children’s House lunch schedule
  • If we didn’t do it this way we would have to change lunch hours and it would be too early.
  • Question of whether PCH is continuing to provide lunch and they are working on that – if they don’t it will add an additional 30 kids to the lunch room.
  • Could gym be used? There aren’t the tables, set up and take down too long, would mean eating on the floor and don’t think that parents would be happy with that.
  • Need to explore the effect this would have on lunch time programs such as Little Jammers, Raising Readers and other clubs
  • Eating in the classrooms? Not enough staff to make this work.
  • No matter what there need to be better behavior expectations of students at lunch.
  • New lunch time supervisors starting soon as others are moving on.
  • Support amongst those that attended the meeting to find a solution as current situation is not sustainable
  • Consultation with parents, daycare, care-taking, teachers and support staff with the idea of having solution for September 2018
  1. Issue #2: Kindergarten Dismissal – 25 minute wait time for families between kindergarten dismissal and grade 1 to 6 dismissal
  • Suggested Solution: Explore models other schools are using that have the same kindergarten dismissal as the rest of the school


  • Support amongst those that attended the meeting
  • Difficult to find the solution as teachers are only supposed to teach 300 minutes a day and Kindergarten kids don’t get recess so it could mean 325 minutes for them.
  • Feel like a solution can be found with balancing work load between ECE and teacher’s more effectively.
  • Also effects the care-taking staff
  • Consultation with parents, daycare, care-taking, teachers and support staff with the idea of having solution for September 2018

Upcoming Dates:

International Feast – April 19th

Last parent council meeting – May 23rd

Staff appreciation breakfast – June 7th

Kindergarten & Grades 1 – 6 in

June 27th – Grade 6 grad

Last day of school – 28th – Volunteer appreciation


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