It was so wonderful to see so many people having a great time at the Hoot and Howl on Saturday, despite the rain!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our Hoot and Howl fun fair such a success.  Special thanks to Melissa Syme and Elizabeth Dawn Snell (co-chairs of the Hoot), to Laura Reynolds (volunteer coordinator), to Lisa Srisuro (raffle chair), and to Helene Michael and Romi Mainolfi (bake sale coordinators) who put in many, many, MANY hours of hard work ensuring that this year’s Hoot was a success.

Special thanks to all the dedicated volunteers, without whom we couldn’t have a Hoot at all. Despite many other commitments, you showed up and made time to support Pape school and our children. Your help is so appreciated! To the parents, teachers, staff, caretakers, Karen Jordan, Rose Marie Hall, high school volunteers, Pape students, sponsors, the list goes on: We are so lucky to have such a generous and supportive community to help make the Hoot a success.

If anyone has containers from the bake sale that still need to be picked up, you can retrieve them from the tables in the foyer outside the gym.

SILENT AUCTION – Friday November 24th @ 7pm Now that the Hoot is over, we are quickly turning our attention to November’s Silent Auction. It’s shaping up to be a great event that you don’t want to miss – so mark your calendars and book your babysitters!

PARENT CHALLENGE: We need all of your help to collect enough donations for the Silent Auction. We have a group of individuals helping solicit local businesses, BUT can you help add to our donations? Can your work help donate a prize or service? Do you know a company who would like to promote their business or do you frequent a local store or service.

Please help us add to our donations by soliciting in your own networks, THANK YOU! Please contact Ania Humphries ( or Tonia Babstock ( with any questions about the event, or about donations.