thank you!

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever — Congratulations to the cast, chorus and crew for putting on two AMAZING (SOLD OUT) shows! We are so proud of you all!!

  • Thanks to ALL the parents & guardians of cast and crew for early morning to late night rehearsals and everything in between
  • Thanks to ALL the families & friends for supporting the musical
  • Thanks to staff for your assistance during rehearsals & the shows
  • Thank you Sarah M and Brad W for set design
  • Thank you Andrew and Ashley O, Danielle B, Vanessa D, Andrew M, Carey S for backdrop design
  • Thank you Sheri B for Photography
  • Thank you Rocky T for Graphic Design
  • Thank you to all our volunteer Bakers; Concession; Make-Up; Ticket Takers: Dave and Rebecca C, Emma C, Susannah D, Nathalie F, Nadine G, Valerie G, Christine G, Tracy K, Kathy M, Heather O, Kelly P, Kara R

THANKS to Director Naomi P;  Producers Brenda T and Bridget B; Choreographer Elizabeth S and Back-stage assistant Vanessa D.

THANK YOU Ms. Jordan for your enthusiastic support of the Arts at Pape Ave. Junior P.S.