2016 Running Club – Two practices left before the Oct 5th Meet

Hi Running Club Parents,
We are only 2 practices away from our meet!  Here is the remaining season, at a glance:
Wed. Sept. 28th – no practice (rest day)
Thu. Sept. 29th – NO PRACTICE (Pape’s Terry Fox Run in the a.m.)
Fri. Sept. 30th – regular practice (meet details to be sent home to those who submitted permission forms)
Mon. Oct. 3rd – regular practice
Tue. Oct. 4th – no practice (rest day before meet)
Wed. Oct. 5th – Cross Country Meet at Ashbridges Bay
This week we are getting our runners mentally prepared for what to expect at the meet.  One of the big surprises for those new to Cross Country running is the SAND. 
Every run begins with a 100-150m run across the beach.   If you are able to visit the beach in the next week, it would be highly beneficial to let your runner practice running (continuously for 1-2 min.) in the sand.
If you would like an opportunity to run the course prior to the meet,  two options are available:
1.  Coaches Meg & Elizabeth G will be at Ashbridges this Sunday, October 2nd at 10:30am.  We will meet outside the PARALIA restaurant.  
THIS IS NOT A TDSB endorsed event.  If you plan to join, parents must remain on site and are encouraged to run the course with the children.
2. You can join the Williamson Road team, who meet Mondays at 4:30 PM at Pantry Park (behind Kew Beach P.S.).  For more info please contact:   jimmy.semes@tdsb.on.ca
Thank you,
Pape’s Running Club Coaches