Dorothy In Wonderland – Congrats & Thank You!

A HUGE congratulations to Ms. Garcia, Ms. Milne, and all the kids and teachers who worked on Dorothy In Wonderland! It was an absolute delight to watch – everyone put so much effort into it, and it definitely showed!

A big THANKS also goes out to so many parents who helped out behind-the-scenes! Thanks so much to:
Sarah Morden for the incredible costume design
Brad White for set design and James Becker for set production
Vanessa Dennis for behind-the-scenes coordinating and organizing the cool toques
Freddie Debachy for helping out at rehearsals, making sure the kids knew their lines and backstage help each night!
Herwig Gayer for sound setup
Jag Gundu for photography – stay tuned to see some great pics!
Danny Santa Ana for videography
Tori Russell, Kathy Mighton, Vanessa Dennis, Samantha Frye-Bryant for costume supervision
Make-up – Tori R, Freddie D, Heidi H, Cassie M, Nathalie F
Costume Wrangling – Kathy M, Ferina M, Fiona M, Nicole M
Concession Help – Lily L, Trish H, Suzanne H, Kelly P, Nicole M, Nancy K, Valerie G, Christine G, Julie C, Nathalie F, Samantha F
Ticket Takers/Programs – Renee K, Romi M, Ferina M, Lily L
Bakers – Christine G, Nadine G, Kara R, Qing L, Nathalie F, Tori R, Julie C, Jennifer C, Kevin D, Susannah D, Lily L, Kathy M, Trish H, Valerie G, Yuka H, Romi M, Fiona M, Ferina M, Carey S, Danielle B
Returning audio equipment – Shana M
Our sincere apologies if we’ve missed anyone here! We truly appreciate everyone’s help – it couldn’t have happened without you! And finally, thanks to Ms. Jordan for the incredible help and support she provides to parent council!

Parent Council Co-chairs