The Pace Car Program

We are looking for families to participate in this initiative to help slow down the speed on our residential streets with the purpose of creating a safer community for our residents and most importantly our children.

The Pace Car Program:  

A locally delivered, nation-wide program that focuses on raising awareness about speed reduction in the community.  

The Benefits:

  • Many Pace Cars work to calm traffic throughout the neighbourhood.  Vehicles become a mobile speed hump, slowing speeding traffic behind them.
  • Influences the mindset against speeding.
  • Communicates the number of residents that are committed to reducing speed in their neighbourhood.  The more people who participate, the better it works.

Why Participate?: To collectively reduce traffic speed on residential and school streets to lower speed limits in the community – to keep our children safe.  

What is required. Simply:

  • Sign up as Pace Car drivers.
  • Sign the Pace Car Supporter Pledge to commit to drive at or below the speed limit.
  • Display the official Pace Car emblem (bumper sticker, window cling) on their cars and drive the speed limit.

Window decals and sign-up sheets are located in the office and will be available at Parent Council Meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact Carey Sookocheff and Nancy Kallina at