Thanks all Silent Auction Volunteers!

When I worked in the film industry, we worked hard & earned a credit on the big screen.  I’d like to take a moment to give credit to all of our wonderful Pape School Parents who volunteered countless hours to make Friday Night’s Auction a HUGE Success.

If I was the “Producer” of the event, here are the Co-Producers:

Alex Leech, Brenda Torrance, Rocky Tessa, Nancy Kallina & Karen Jordan.  Thanks to these wonderful women who helped make it happen.  Thanks also to our Talent for the evening:  Scott Doust who was our MC, and Andy Cosby who was our Live Auctioneer.  Also Tim Millan and his band Inflatable, who gave an exciting performance.  Great Lakes Brewery supplied delicious beer, and both the decorating committee lead by Kathy Mighton and Food Committee lead by Adele Shaw made the event so amazing, it was everything I hoped it would be.

Please take a moment to thank them, as well as everyone on the attached list when you see them in the playground or halls at Pape.

Thanks to Karen Jordan for being a great trooper and jumping right in, and also Pape Staff Rose-Marie Hall, Mario and Gary for giving us so much support all the way through.

2015 Pape School Silent Auction Volunteers

Soliciting Local Businesses for Donations
Danielle Bader, Cara McCutcheon, Susannah Davis, Alex Leech, Melissa Syme, Vanessa Dennis
Acquiring Beer
Michael Kostoff
Nancy Kallina, Karen Jordan
Cara McCutcheon, Erin Hartnett, Elizabeth Gladney
Rocky Tessa
Kathy Mighton, Freddie Debachy, Tonia Babstock
Adele Shaw, Lisa Srisuro
Gift Baskets
Yuka Hinohara-Tang, Romi Mainolfi, Tonia Babstock, Lily Li
Organizing & Bidsheets
Lisa Valentini, Nellaine Matthews , Alex Leech, Nancy Kallina, Brenda Torrance, Vanessa Dennis, Bridget Balaban
Tim Millan
Setting up the Auction
Alex Leech, Nellaine Matthews, Nancy Kallina, Brenda Torrance, Vanessa Dennis  Bridget Balaban,Rocky Tesa, Suzanne Holmes, Becca Cameron,Tori Russell
Ticket Sellers
Nancy Kallina,Nathalie Filippetti, Nadine Grant
Robbie McKee
Elizabeth Snell, 2: Karen Malone,Freddie Debachy, Mark Balaban Food Set-up
Adele Shaw, Nathalie Filippetti, Helene Michael, Kathy Lee Morren, Susannah Davis
50/50 Draw Ticket Sales
Kathy Lee Morren, Suzanne Holmes
Nancy Kallina, Sheri Bennett, Kathy Mighton, D. J. Carson
Vanessa Dennis, Brenda Torrance

… And everyone else who jumped in on the night  to help with tear down etc… I might have missed, as well as all the parents who got fantastic donations for the auction – THANK-YOU ALL!!!!!