Silent Auction Volunteers are on deck!

“In baseball, on deck refers to being next in line to bat”

At Pape School, it means we need you to sign up for one/more of the 40 spots that are still open!  We’re still looking for people who can organize, create gift baskets, create delectable appetizers, help set up, help tear down and generally HELP!

For those who have stepped up to accept the Parent Challenge so far THANK YOU!!!  The items are outstanding.  We still need more!

The more items we have up for auction, the more fun the night is and the more people walk away happily with great deals at the end of the night.

The band’s been booked!  The table cloths are ordered!

It’s going to be a blast!  So please also help by spreading the word to friends & neighbours to JOIN US on Friday November 20th!

PS: If you have any white strings of Christmas lights, clear glass vases or battery operated pillar or votive candles please loan them to us for the Auction – the Decorating Committee needs them. Thanks