Volunteering at the Hoot!

Hopefully you’ve got Saturday, October 25th from 11 to 3 booked in your calendars for the annual Hoot & Howl. It’s a lot of fun but without the help of our entire parent community we can’t pull it off.


 There’s a job for everyone and most of them are only two-hour shifts so please visit our sign-up page and add your name to the Hoot & Howl sign-up!
Alien Body Parts, a sensory, squishy touch tank;
Apple Spinner Table, spin an apple like a ribbon right down to the core;
BBQ, flip some burgers and help feed the masses;
Candy Necklaces, help kids create some sugary bling;
Face Painting, kind of self explanatory, right?
Games, think of this as a mini carnival and you’re the carnie;
Haunted House, help create a gently spooky experience for kids of all ages;
Inflatables, collect tickets and control the mayhem on the always popular bouncies;
Mural, supervise and encourage our budding Picassos;
Pumpkin Carving Table, collect all entries in the pumpkin carving contest and ohh and awww appropriately at each one;
Silent Auction,  shop, schmooze and sort of sell! There is always so much awesomeness in the Silent Auction – we need you to find the hidden gems and ensure that our guests know about them too;

If you’re more of a behind-the-scenes kinda person please consider helping out with setting up the day before, assembling or tearing down the haunted house or cleaning up on Saturday after the party is over!

If you still don’t know what you want to do please submit your name and email below. We’ll find a job for you!

Thanks so much!!

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